Drama Therapy Bangalore

Drama Therapy Masterclass

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The Arts Therapists CoLab presents Drama Therapy Masterclasses in Bangalore on December 10th & 11th.  For details on scheduling, content, and costs, please view the guide below. View Guide

Unmasking Self through Drama Therapy

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What is it about? In mental health practice, self-care is considered an ethical responsibility. It is a much-needed but seldom accessed skill, which when intentionally developed influences the health and longevity of a mental health practitioner’s professional and personal life.  This symposium aims to use Drama therapy as a tool and technique to enable the essential skill of reflection of one’s own emotional and psychological states for mental health practitioners.… Read More »Unmasking Self through Drama Therapy

Drama Therapy Masterclass with Dr. Bruce Bayley

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Embodying Ramayana: Exploring the dramas within This workshop will be based in Drama therapy practice within the epic of “Ramayana” not only as classical mythology frim India but as the source for working with the universal human mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual qualities. We will explore “Ramayana” as “enacted” within the Human Body and the practical, healing use of these metaphors and symbols within Drama therapy enactments. Brochure